Pogoplug v4 Performance Tuning Future Enhancements

There are some exciting changes coming to the Linux kernel for both ext4 and xfs file systems that have the potential to greatly increase I/O performance on the Pogoplug v4. As we know, one of the limits of the Pogoplug v4 is related to memory operation performance. Once the kernel has been released for linux-kirkwood, I will begin testing these changes for possible inclusion into my performance tuning guide.

I plan to make a posting about using LUKS with the Pogoplug to enhance security on your data. There is hardware crypto with the kirkwood that does work, but the mv_cesa driver has some design issues that affect performance on the kirkwood due to not using DMA. Recall the aforementioned issues with memory operations on this platform.

There is some evidence that the DMA issue with mv_cesa may be fixed in the future.  Stay tuned and if/when that comes, I’ll be sure to test it.  If they successfully implement DMA in mv_cesa, this should greatly increase throughput of the hardware crypto engine, speeding up LUKS, OpenSSL, and OpenSSH by extension.